Out of the box

Starting out at the bottom as a busboy has given me an incredible appreciation for the small details that make running a restaurant work. 

After leaving the calling for several years I was pulled back in by the lack of options for homemade comfort food in the Wabash Valley.

It seemed the old ways of doing things had been deserted and we were left with boxed meals from chain restaurants.

We love eating out, but my wife and I hated the idea of raising our newly born daughter on food that we can't pronounce the ingredients or know where it was produced. 

As a father and food lover I felt there was only one option. Do it ourselves. Just like the Sunday dinners at Grandma's house. Old fashioned, not cutting corners, and made with simple ingredients.



Founded in 2017, Acorn Grill has quickly grown to be the go to eatery for home cooked, made from scratch comfort food. With nothing but a passion for simple foods and a dream of dinner that wasn't from a box or freezer Acorn Grill was created. We decided to take a different approach to the way a local restaurant could be, by being and buying local. We go to great lengths to only source food and ingredients that are from Indiana and the surrounding Farm Belt states to serve to our community. 

Serve Guests!

Serve Community!

Serve God!