The code has been cracked
Contest has ended.
We will be congratulating the winner soon.
Thank you all for playing!
We will be doing some more awesome giveaways in the coming months so be sure to follow up on social and check your inboxes for exciting offers!
(IF) the code is cracked, the winner will receive an exclusive VIP card that they can use to get:
  • 1 drink (with refills of course)
  • 1 appetizer (that they can share with their guest at the table when they're showing off their prize)
  • 1 entree (yep, anything on our menu!)
  • 1 dessert (no, not a whole pie or anything)
Once a day for an entire year! During regular opening hours (we're not cooking anyone a midnight snack or working on Sundays.) ​
While dining in Acorn Grill. That means actually sitting at table in the restaurant with a server and stuff.  
What the winner can't do (assuming the code is cracked)​
  • Share the entree or drink (sorry but no splits and sharing straws is weird)
  • Prize can only be redeemed while dining in the restaurant, No Carry Out or Delivery (we love sharing but your neighbors will have to get their own)
  • Try and redeem more than once a day. (We'll know)
  • Share with their server (they may look hungry, but if you feed them once they'll never leave, trust us)
Only one entry per day please. 
You can find the full contest​ rules here