Being part of Indiana

If there is one thing that our Acorn Grill team and guests know, it's that family is everything. Family consists of those who are there for us all the time, and who work hard with one another to achieve the same goal simply because you care for each other. After starting our restaurant, we knew that keeping a family centered aspect was one of the core values of Acorn Grill. By being family centered, it assures our guests that we truly care about each family and individual that comes to visit us. This is one of the many reasons why we choose Fischer’s Farms steaks here at Acorn Grill.

Fischer Farms began selling their beef products in 2004. By having different partnerships, like working with Amish families for their eggs, syrup, and chicken, this showed that they take their partnerships very seriously and heavy to heart. Fischer’s is very focused on the quality of their products. Having a better and healthier product makes all the difference in our modern world of preservatives and manufactured food. We feel like we have an obligation to our community to buy from a family rooted business and chose Fischer Family Farm to supply our steaks.

Acorn Grill is all about having the best food possible, and Fischer’s steaks are just one of the many that we have.

Knowing that Fischer’s main focus is local vendors and partnerships helps us understand how crucial it really is to be there and support local businesses. It is a part of what Indiana is all about. We have been blessed with so much support from Sullivan County and surrounding areas, that we want to show our support and give back as much as possible. So next time you stop by Acorn Grill, feel free to try any of our steaks, and just know that they are coming from Fischer Family Farms.

If you'd like to find out more about Ficher Farms and their premium products. Here's a link to their website. Tell Dave and Diana we said hi!

“Be confident knowing what is (or in this case, not in) your food. Taste the difference.”-Fischer Family Farm

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